Why You Should Consider an Attached Greenhouse

by Mike Flannagan 12/18/2022

Pergolas and covered patios are wonderful during the warmer parts of the year. While humans can bundle up and build a fire, even a covered outdoor space cannot protect your garden from harsh winter temperatures. If you're interested in finding ways to keep growing your veggies, flowers and other plants all year long, consider building a lean-to greenhouse. Here are some of the key advantages.

Easy Utilities Access

Having your greenhouse attached to your home means easy access to electricity and water. Both of these are necessities if you want to have all of the features of a year-round greenhouse. Rather than using extension cords, hoses and other means to connect a separate structure, your greenhouse can use the same systems as your home. Obviously, this will affect your energy and water bills, so opt for the most efficient lighting and irrigation systems as possible.

More Efficient Heating

Keeping your greenhouse warm is significantly easier if it shares a wall with your house. Though minimal, heat transfer through the wall and into the greenhouse can make a few degrees difference. While it might not feel like much to us, it can mean life or death for some plants.

This also presents an advantage for the gardener. Without needing to cross the yard in the rain, snow or freezing temperatures, caring for plants in winter is a much more comfortable job.

An Indoor-Outdoor Space

You have creative control over the design of your greenhouse, both inside and out. One major advantage to this is that by building an attached greenhouse you also gain a mixed outdoor-indoor space. Add a few chairs or a small table to have your morning coffee among the greenery. Set up colorful string lights and other decorations and use it as an enclosed space for entertaining away from the elements and pests--provided you have the room.

Is an attached greenhouse the right option for you? Consider these key advantages to determine whether your garden could benefit from this all-weather upgrade.

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